About Us

History of Zarang Group

The Zarang Trade Company is established in 1992 with license number of 11065 from Ministry of Commerce of Afghanistan which had worked in different trading and industrial sections. The daily improvements of this company become the cause of establishment of a group by the name of (Zarang Trading and Industrial Group) which is working in the sections of manufacturing and assembling of motorcycle, manufacture of construction material and etc.

The great section of this company is (the manufacture and assemble company of Zarang) that started its activities in Herat industrial town at 2004 and has the license of number D21910 of AISA. This is the greatest active company in the field of manufacturing motorcycle in Afghanistan and because of the good quality and manufacturing could gain the first position in the industry of motorcycle in Afghanistan. The Zarang motorcycle Company has formal offices and agencies in countries like (China, United Arab Emirate, Islamic Republic of Iran) and works by the name Zarang. The trading company of Zarang in China is working according to the laws of the Republic of China and has certificate from China commerce ministry that can sell its whole manufactures with different quality in all of countries in the world.

20Years Working
8+Sub Companies
99Staff Working

Our Goals

    • Supplying the highest quality types of two-wheeled and three-wheeled motorcycles in the country
    • Providing high quality parts and accessories
    • Increasing the supply of services to customers
    • Introducing Zarang Group as the most reliable motorcycle brand in the country
    • Better growth and development of the work environment for employees